I just realized that the little stand I keep my 3DS on when I’m doing something turn based, or waiting for people to show up on wireless, or just generally doing anything in game that I want to monitor the screen for but don’t need to worry about pressing buttons on anytime soon isn’t actually an accessory that came with the 3DS. I never, ever used it while playing Kid Icarus, so I forgot that’s what it was meant for.

Current plans

Buy Smash Bros on release day!

Buy Bayonetta 2 on release day? I preordered it to commit to the purchase, so I feel like I oughta pick it up right away, but also I feel like I’ll be more into Smash so there won’t be much urgency to try it out.

Hold off on Fantasy Life and Omega Ruby. I definitely want them, but I already have two other games I’m buying around the same time. Maybe I’ll pick up Ruby earlier, but given how sparse my list of birthday present ideas was after getting a job, I might hold off on these two and put them on a Christmas list instead.

Buy Smash Bros on release day again!

Story of Seasons? No clue when it’s coming out… can’t make purchase plans if I don’t know what else happens around that time.

Get a Link amiibo? Hold off for Pit amiibo? (Dark Pit amiibo?)

Get new 3DS whenever the heck those come out in the US.


If Xenoblade will only play on the new 3DS, there will be other games that only play on the new 3DS. And the new 3DS release won’t be so close to when the games I want come out that I’ll be too broke for it. If I can’t get a good deal from Gamestop, I’ll put my old 3DS up on ebay. That would give me time to do a system transfer anyway.

Assuming system transfer works between old and new 3DSes. I don’t see why it wouldn’t, but still… I’ve got some old Zelda games with save data I’d like to keep, and for all the streetpassing and puzzle completing I’ve done at cons, I’d hate to have to restart from scratch. (Even if I only care about the Mii Plaza puzzles during con season.)

The new 3DS

Super mixed feeling on it. On the one hand, a C-stick and slightly large screen would be nice for the new Smash Bros and Kid Icarus (me being a lefty), and the higher power would be cool, and Shulk’s addition to Smash makes me curious about his game, which won’t run on an older 3DS…

On the other hand, the C-stick is a wittle itty bit on the small side, Smash Bros will be on the Wii U by then (and I have one sitting five feet from my bed), I’m curious about Xenoblade—not sold on it (and it might be cheaper to find a used Wii copy), I don’t need two 3DS systems and with the release of an improved version the resale value on mine totally normal, not XL 3DS will probably be kind of low, and all in all a system that I’m guessing is going to go for $150 at a minimum might not be worth my while.

I guess it would be nice for when if I want to play Smash on trips. Or if I do decide I want that Xenoblade game… but at the same time it feels like I might not get my money’s worth out of it.