Anonymous asked:

Hi, just wondering have you played any of the Rune factory games if so what are your thoughts on the series?

peanutbuttergamer answered:

I’ve played a few! Rune Factory Frontier is my favorite. I’m actually planning on doing a video about it sometime in the future. (SHH, JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME, MKAY?) But it might take a bit just due to the nature of the game. I’ll be playing/recording stuff for it while working on other things. 

Yay! Heard RFF audio in a video forever ago and have been waiting to see if this would happen.


I finally went out and bought my own Wiimote yesterday, So I’ve been playing Rune Factory Frontier again. And loving it. But I forgot how freaking hard it is to put the game down when I’m into it. With Wind Waker it was like “Okay. You got to the island. Save now.” or “Hey, so you opened up that dungeon shortcut. How about saving and taking a break?” But because RF has that time system I always play it more like “Okay. I don’t want to waste time running back to the save point, so I’ll finish the day… Okay day finished, just save and—I wonder if any of my crops will be fully grown tomorrow. It wouldn’t hurt to check. Hm… doesn’t look like they did. Well, since I’m out in the field I might as well water them. Oh. I should finish this day so I don’t waste any time running back to the save point.”

(Technically I still have a little of WW left to go, so no more RF until I beat that. I just got disheartened when I worked really hard to get to the boss room of the second temple and realized I skipped the room with the key.)

I’m starting to think I won’t go for Hyrule Warriors. I had hoped it would be a mix of Dynasty Warriors and Zelda elements, but it’s sounding more and more like a Dynasty Warriors game wearing Zelda’s skin. And Dynasty Warriors has never sounded like it has enough going for it to make me want to buy it… which gives me a little more time to work through my old Wii games before stuff I want comes out. After Frontier I’ll do Crystal Bearers. Probably. I spent a whole year on Frontier after it came out, so “after” might not be for a while. Anyway, Crystal Bearers auto saves more often than it lets you manually save, so that should be a pretty easy one to shut off when it’s already 3am and I really need to get to bed.

Finally took the time to read up a bit on announcements for Natsume’s latest game. They’re offering DLC, which I only saw once before on 3DS and am very adverse to as a result. (Even if it didn’t hinder me from playing the main plot. Let me evolve my freaking Pikachu without forking over money! I named it specifically for when it became a Raichu!) Apparently this is all supposed to add to post marriage stuff but… meh. Rune Factory 4 and ANB already did a good job keeping me playing well after I got married, and they didn’t expect me to pay extra for their game to not suddenly turn boring.

Really, I’m still just grossed out by the fact Natsume is using the Harvest Moon name. The DLC, which is always a case of “we could have added this to the game but decided to make you pay extra” only makes me less impressed with their current business practices. Even if this game does turn out enough stuff to keep me interested, I kind of don’t want to buy it out of protest. I’ve already got a lot of games I want to buy, including Story of Seasons, the actual continuation of the series I’m into, not to mention a backlog of Wii games I need to recreate data for on my Wii U, which includes a few farming sims as it is, so it’s not like there are any voids I’ll be desperately looking to fill.

It’s not even that they’ve taken the Harvest Moon name. They’re also lifting names of old protags and the Harvest Goddess and King and… ugh. Just stop. You’re not making Harvest Moon. Even if you come out and say you aren’t, you’re totally marketing this to trick people.

Not to mention the graphics choice… ah. I shouldn’t complain about this after laughing at all the people upset to get another cel-shaded Zelda, but… I just… I like chibis, but those look wrong. I think it’s mostly those freaky eyes. Maybe it will grow on me? But then I have to actually play this first. The hair also looks super plastic. There were a few hairstyles I just couldn’t use in ANB because the minimal flow they got bothered me, but this is… I think the characters are customizable, so maybe it won’t be so bad, but they picked a lousy female hairstyle to show off, it that’s the case.

The terraforming aspects sound interesting… but then again I have two Rune Factory games to recreate data on and Story of Seasons will be out soon and terraforming alone isn’t enough to tear me away from those. Or to let me get over the name and DLC.

But worst off all: Underworld King looks like a goob! You can’t make a character like that look like… like that! How do you mess up making an underworld king look good? Like, at least the wizard looks good. So they’ve got terraforming and wizard. And that’s not enough to make me pay $5, much less the full cost for this, not counting the purchasable DLC. Especially not when the whole thing feels icky from all the dishonesty.

(Doubly so since it’s release date is right next to Smash Bros. That’s probably not a genre that they planned to compete with, but like heck I’m getting a knock off trying to pass as a tried and true series when I can get Smash Bros with City Trial mode.)

My two cents on the hubub with the new Link

FIrst off, happy to have it settled that he is, in fact, Link. It would have been silly to have someone who looked that much like him without actually being him. And you play as Link in Zelda games. That’s just… it. To change that after 30 years would be too major. Especially when he’s an icon that casual fans who don’t know or really care about the fact that there are multiple Links can recognize. Not that a game where you play as Zelda wouldn’t be awesome, but I think that would be better as a spinoff title.

As for the gender, that seems… less settled? I’m not opposed to the new design (I like bishies) but I’m not 100% sure what’s going on there. The latest interview looked like it leaned a little more towards male (or, more specifically, not changing Link up too much so focus would instead be on the game world) and there are male pronouns used. Looked like male confirmation to me but I’ve seen some people really arguing really hard about how that proves nothing.

Personally, I wouldn’t be on board with a female Link of even a gender option. It would feel like if someone suddenly mixed up Mario’s gender. I don’t mind Link looking more feminine so weird people who can only enjoy games when the character is exactly like them have an easier time getting into things, but Link has always been a boy, and I’d like him to stay that way. Even if he’s a legacy character, he’s also an iconic character, and there’s only so much variation I’d want to see done with his image.

Basically… hm… well, I’ve seen people say Pokemon is a better comparison than Mario, because of the multiple Links, but I don’t think that’s really true. The trainers in Pokemon are the avatars you play through, but the icons of the Pokemon games are the Pokemon themselves. Link and the trainers are both meant to be the player’s connection into the gameworld, but Link has built up a real image for himself while the trainers all just have a shared love of hats. I actually feel like it would be better to compare Link to Pikachu. There are a lot of different Pikachus. Even if it would have no impact on gameplay, I’d hate to see a game come out where Pikachus had evolved (in a natural selection sense) so females were still yellow but males were now green.

List for myself

Will get both Smash Bros games. May get Wii U version later if no exclusive content. Will play the City Trial mode (whatever it’s called on this game) with brothers non-stop. I’ll still get creamed, but City Trial was a blast and this should be too.

Def getting the new Zelda game, but that won’t be out for a while. Almost certainly getting the Hyrule Warriors game, but will probably hold off a week or two to hear what others think of it.

Story of Season is not an option. Will purchase it.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is probably a no go. I associate Natsume with poor quality. No hope for this game.

Yoshi’s Wooly World is charming as heck. Will probably buy it too. Depending on how close it comes out to other games.

Much more likely to try Bayonetta out now that I know I’ll get to play the original too. Since that general… tone of the game isn’t one I have much experience with, it will probably be something I buy at a time when I have nothing else to play. I’d hate to give it priority over another game only to discover it’s not my thing.