I’ve played Wind Waker before, so even though the update is cool, it isn’t holding me the same way a new game would.

But it’s still fun. And when I get tired of it I have both console Rune Factory games and Crystal Bearers to replay too. I’m gonna marry Rosetta this time in Frontier, and actually finish the plot in Tides. And Crystal Bearers might be one of those games where there’s only 12 hours of gameplay and a lot of it is cutscenes, but if you just ignore the plot and run around abusing your gravity powers it’s so freaking fun.

But I never actually beat Wind Waker. I stopped when I had to get the triforce. So I want to actually finish it before I move on to the next game.

I have enough for a Wii U!

I’ll see if I can go grab one before work on Friday. I want to get the black one with the Zelda themed game pad.

Most of the games I want are supposed to come out at some undisclosed point, but that’s cool. One of my main motivators for getting a Wii U and a TV (which I should be able to buy after my next paycheck) is to be able to play home console games without my family watching. I’ve been meaning to replay Rune Factory Frontier and Tides of Destiny for a while, but if I turn the Wii on then I’ll have to deal with bacseat games. I can replay those games and actually beat Wind Waker while I wait for the new Smash Bros game to come out.

Looking over the new Harvest Moon game…

I think I’ll probably god after Rega or Cam (again, sorta. I got bored with ToTT before I made if far enough to marry anyone.)

Nadi was interesting me, because I really dug his look and I do tend to like tsundere guys, but his kids are warding me off. Somehow, the skin/hair/eye color combo that I liked on him looks creeping in the children. (Maybe it’s the larger red eyes?)

Well, we’ll see when I get the game. Part of why I pursued Cam last time was that I thought he looked like Michiru from Kamichama Karin, and his personality being okayish when I thought all the boys were just okayish was… okay. But it sounds like Connect is going for a bit more character depth, so maybe I’ll really like him this time around, and maybe I’ll see some other character I like more.

XSeed’s looking into Forbidden Magna

I know there isn’t enough information on the game yet for me to be too invested in it, but so far it’s looked interesting. Knowing that there’s also a possibility of it making it’s ways over seas is also cool.

After not liking Monster Hunter my family as decided I only enjoy cutesy things (I just don’t like having to fight one thing for so long. I didn’t mind any other aspect of the game.) I’m kind of nervous about letting them know I’m curious in a game that has such chibi sprites but…

Oh well.